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Love at First Type

Greetings from Arizona,
I have recently completed the e-book and anticipate the softback release this month of "love At First Type: An Online Romance Based On A True Story.

What is it about?
In April of 1996, Kathy's life was changed when she met Jack. Two people meet on the internet with vast differences and many commonalties. They're 1000 miles apart, 24 years apart, and both married at the time they meet. They find themselves chatting more and more about their horrible marriages and soon begin to wonder if they would do better together. There is no guarantee that if they leave their spouses that they can build an everlasting love themselves. Is it worth going against all those odds? Is there such a thing as Love At First Type?

Read an excerpt from the book:
Most men who flirted with Kathy were just jerks and wanted cybersex, but there were some that she had a brotherly type of relationship with. She was not interested in falling in love with anyone else. Although, Repairman seemed to be different, was he? It was almost like love at first type, but how could innocent conversation turn into feelings?"

"Jack didn't believe that there was any chance of him truly falling in love with someone else... until tonight. What did this Sassy have that astounded him so much? She was just another woman he had met online... or was she? He had conversed thirty minutes with her, and could not rationalize the radiance he felt when she stepped into the chat room."

Jack's eyes opened and the first thing he saw was the most beautiful woman in the world lying next to him. How lucky he was to have her with him. The red highlights in her hair looked like rubies nestled in soft velvet.

His right hand extended to her hair. He softly touched the rubies and velvet with his fingertips. She was lovelier than any other princess had ever been. His hand took the covers and moved them towards the end of the bed.

His lips yearned to explore every inch of her. His eyes saw beauty. His heart felt love. He throbbed with need. He didn't know how much more of being a gentleman he could take. His desires were becoming harder and harder to control.

To read more visit the the website of the author: Epstein LaRue

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