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I Found Mr. Right

Story 86

I Found Mr. Right

Our story starts a 14 months ago, I was sitting in front of my computer here in England clicking ignore and clicking ignore from so many perverted guys on ICQ it was crazy!! They all asked the same thing, "Do you have a web cam?" or "What are you wearing?". I was getting really bored with it so decided to sign off, just as I was about to click to close I got a message saying "Hi Kirsty, how are you?" I thought okay, he's different! We started talking and he told me his name was Sean, my brother is called Sean so I carried on talking, he told me he was 24 and from Canada. The more we talked the more friendly we got, we didn't talk every night but whenever he saw me online he would message me and he was a really nice guy. We chatted more over the next couple of weeks and we found out we had a lot in common, he sent me his picture and it was "love at first sight" for me, I sent him mine and he said I had beautiful British eyes.

I had a boyfriend at the time and he had a girlfriend but the more we talked the more in love we fell. Then I suggested that we meet up sometime (this was October 2000). We arranged that I would go to Canada in July 2001 and we would see how we felt about each other in "real life" Then Sean said he couldn't wait until July and that he wanted me there in March. I got my ticket to go on March 23rd, even though I was still with my boyfriend, I went to Canada for a week and that week was the best time of my life. I was completely in love with Sean, he was my Mr. Right!! The hardest thing I did was leaving him at the airport and coming back to England. I cried, he cried!! As soon as I got home I ended it with my boyfriend.

Our photoSean an I were now apart but we loved each other so much we talked EVERY day on the web cam and phone on June 28th 2001, Sean proposed to me on the internet and it was very romantic, he even got down on one knee!! I was so desperate to see him again!! We planned that I would go out there again in September, I couldn't wait!!! I didn't end up going until October 11th because of everything that happened in America. I finally got to Canada (after an 8 hour delay at Manchester!!) it was like we had never been apart, he couldn't stop kissing me and hugging me, he is just adorable. The day I was leaving to come home Sean got down on one knee and held my hand and asked me properly if I would marry him. Of course I said yes and he picked me up and started dancing with me, it was the most perfect moment of my life. He is everything I've ever dreamed of! I've been home for almost a week now and I miss him sooooooooo much you would not believe it!

I'm hoping to go to Canada for Christmas and when I do go I doubt I'll be coming back to England cause I can't bear being without him! I just want to say to people who are going through this that you are all very strong to do it, it's hard, but it's worth it when y'all are together.

God Bless you.

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