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Found a Soulmate

Hello there!

I'm starting to think that more and more that people are starting to come together over the internet and make the connections which years ago would have occurred exclusively in a bar or on the "night scene".

Which makes me wonder if my story is truly unique. I know there are many other stories like mine but at any rate I thought I'd share mine with you.

I have been looking for that special someone since I was 16 years old. As a guy I was often thought of as weird because I wanted the "steady" girlfriend rather than the party girls.

After years and years of fruitless searching I decided to give Yahoo personals a try. Well, it was an overwhelming success. At 24 years old I probably had 8 "first dates" within a one month time frame!!! Not only was it exciting but it was a huge ego booster.

Well, it just so happens that one of those 8 dates is now my fiancee. And wouldn't you know that she was the most stubborn of them all from the beginning. She was the one who would always tell me she didn't want to date but rather be friends.

From the beginning I knew I had found someone very special and I never gave up on her. We met August 19th, 1999 and are now going to be married October 6th, 2001.

I was always one of those guys that said I'd never get married and just be Mr. Single for the rest of my life. What I've found is that people really have a profound effect on each other, especially the one you know you want to spend the rest of your life with.

In an instant your whole world is turned completely upside down. The moral of my story here is that the internet is not a shady place to find one-night stands with people. I can personally bear witness to the fact that I found my "soulmate" thanks to the internet.

It's always wise to be cautious about who you agree to make a date with but with a little common sense and intuition the internet is without a doubt the greatest resource a single could have.

I thank you for your time and I hope this little tidbit has brightened your day. It has mine just by writing it :-)

Best Regards,
Chuck Nevin

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