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With their follow up program Adsense, Google created an opportunity for everybody to get a share in this lucrative market.

Adsense is an extension of the AdWords program that allows any website owner to place AdWords ads on their site. However, the difference in this system lies in the fact that ads displayed come not from search phrases, but from the content of your site.

Then, when someone views your site, the JaeScript automatically fetches ads from the Google server and places them on your page. Google does this with its advanced content recognition technology. This technology is so clever, that it knows which country you are viewing a site from. It then places country specific ads accordingly. For example, if you had a site about fly-fishing tackle retailers, and in the USA people would see ads for American retailers.

When someone clicks on one of your ads, Google charges the advertiser. Google then takes a cut of the money and gives the rest to you. Although Google won’t disclose any details about their payout ratio, it is rumored that they take 32% and you get 68%.

Before you start thinking: why don’t I just click on my ads all day long and make loads of money? Goole has thought of this and takes click fraud very seriosly. They want their advertising system to work. They can tell if you have been committing click fraud and will bar you from AdSense FOREVER!

Making serious money

99% of AdSense users make next to nothing. They stick the code onto their website and sit back. When the money doesn’t appear they think the system is useless. This is good for us, because those in the know can make extraordinary amounts of legitimate, Google approved money.

There is a simple formula to success with AdSense. Here it is:


• The key lies in finding a niche market and creating a content rich, topical site within this market. You then fill the content of your site with high paying keywords.
• Next, through good search engine optimization and advenced inbound linking strategies, you build a high and constant flow of traffic to your site
• Then, only after you have taken steps one and two, do you place the AdSense code into your site. You add the JavaScript whilst employing certain techniques that make the ads look more attrative. This will evcourage more of your website’s visitors to click on the ads.

This strategy, coupled with careful tracking of ad performance, will guarantee that you are making serious amounts of money with Google AdSense.

If you want to be amongst the 1% of high earners make sure that you follow The AdSense Mint course step-by-step!

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